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are you a chocolate because you are ferrero ratchét

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"hey babe i bought you chipotle"


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What happened to having professional disagreements? Now it’s name-calling and race-shaming.

This is just a friendly reminder that minimal wage for the American Congress and the Senate is $288,000 a year-that’s roughly $150 an hour in salary, while the American minimal wage is $7.25 an hour.



People tend to work minimum wage jobs because they have no skills or no options. If you want to make more money, you need both. Next we’re going to put down doctors & lawyers.

Speaking with great enmity, this popular white privileged opinion that this white privileged individual just left up top is the subject of direct, and contagious stupidity. 

To justify not paying another human being a living wage- white people who are capitalist have promoted this idea and rationalization that a person is useless and have very little value if they don’t have the skill set to be slave/labor masters. 

When in fact it is those white capitalist slave/labor masters who have degraded, belittled and devalued the skills of poor/oppressed people who very skill set, creativity, hard work, labor, and passion that this American country, companies, businesses, and brands are built off of. 

Every human being deserves economy freedom to follow their dreams and better themselves through education and travel, to suggest that or be adverse to this idea is disgustingly racist, contagious stupidity, and the precise execution of WHITE SUPREMACY CONCEALED AND PROMOTED AS AMERICAN CAPITALISM. 

Oh, honey, being white or privileged has nothing to do with any of it. What is it with you liberal social justice types constantly seeking to make everything about race & economic standing? At any rate, being white or privileged is not insulting or offensive in the slightest.

Ha, degraded and belittled skills & creativity? Darling, I used to work at Burger King when I was fresh out of high school. I don’t know what great skill or creativity you think it takes to read orders off a monitor and slap some meat & cheese between two buns.

& my opinion isn’t racist in the slightest; you’re the one here who’s making it about race, but it is rather lovely that you try to project imagined bigotry onto anyone you disagree with. Is that how you think you win arguments? “Oh, he’s a racist, so no one take him seriously.”

Begrudging people for picking careers because they make them a lot of money is asinine. I have nothing against any individual who knows a particular occupation will make them financially secure. If I was any good at politics, I’d be working my way up to congress too.

The next time you disagree with me or anyone else, do try to do so intelligently. All of this slander & calumny & name calling & false projections of imaginary slights doesn’t make you look a great deal better than you’re making me out to be. The very way you pieced together your argument is disgustingly unprofessional for someone who seeks to discredit the overly-privileged white slaver.

No one deserves to be paid brain surgeon bucks to slap a sandwich together when they don’t even pay members of the military that kind of cash.

Also, I believe you need to learn when it’s proper to use the word “enmity.” I’m not actively seeking to oppose anything. This came on my dash & I expressed my opinion. I’m not hunting for these kinds of things to create arguments or disturbances. I’m not constantly posting that I think raising the minimum wage is unacceptable. Please create arguments relative to the situation. :)